Overview of Medicare Advantage Plans basics

Majority people enjoy the Original Medicare health coverage, while some opt for the Medicare Advantage plans and its benefits. In fact this is well known as Part C Medicare or also as private health plan of Medicare. The MA plans have contract with the federal government and they pay for each person a fixed amount to the provider of the Medicare, the private insurance company.

Medicare Advantage plans common and other services types are available, yet it is best to check if the one you choose is available in your area as service. Remember, in an MA plan, you have Medicare. This means you have to pay Part B Medicare premium every month and also for Part A, in case you have it. Getting enrolled in MA plan means you enjoy same benefits as it Traditional Medicare. Thus, bear in mind your MA plan is applicable to different costs, rules and restrictions and this may affect the way you receive care. Thus, it is best to compare the details of each plan before buying one as the benefits also varies. In fact, Medicare Advantage plans offers benefits offering coverage for vision and dental care that the Original Medicare does not cover.

Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 also include out-of-pocket expenses limit for the services of Part A and B. For instance, the maximum amount for the costs of out-of-pocket in the HMO plans is $6700 in 2018. These limits are high. In addition, if the plans do not charge higher coinsurance or copayment than Traditional Medicare for some services, such as dialysis or chemotherapy, they may charge high cost-sharing in offering other services.

Note: MA Plans have variations:

  • Coverage rules
  • Networks of providers
  • Premiums apart from Part B premium
  • The covered services are based on cost-sharing.

In fact, even plans of similar type issued by different companies come with different rules, so check each plan directly and know the working system of its coverage .

Join MA Plan if:

  • Parts A and B Medicare are with you
  • You reside in the service area where plan is offered
  • You are free from crucial diseases such as ESRD or require regular dialysis

Get Medicare Advantage Plans information at https://www.medicareadvantageplans2019.org/united-healthcare-medicare-advantage-2019/     provide Part D prescription drug coverage. On joining an MSA or a PFFS plan offering no drug coverage, there is an option for you to get enrolled in a Part D stand-alone plan. Remember people with Traditional Medicare requiring Part D coverage enroll in Part D plan as stand-alone.